Electric water heater ION BOILER 3 kW
ion boiler 3 kWelectrode boiler 3 kW
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Electrode ion boiler  3 kW- the "little" heating boiler

ion boiler heating sistems

   Galan Ochag 3 kW - real economical heating

      Perfect for apartments, villas, offices, shops, warehouses .... provides economical space heating,
             with a much smaller cost than other electric boilers.
             Small expense role there and automatic control unit, which is electronically programmable temperature
             controller with modular three channel digital sensor for hot and cold water and Airo sensor.


Specifications ion boilers:

Weight: 0.9 kg
Length: 275 mm
Diameter: 35 mm
Power: 3 kW
facilities for up to 120 m3
facilities for up to   40 m2

Heated 120m3 or 40 m2. Forests between 0.50-0.75 kW.

ionboiler 3 kW


Units in box: 1