electrode ion heater
ION BOILER 15 W electric boilerION BOILER 15 W Economical electric boiler
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ION BOILER 15 W Economical electric boiler


 ion heater boiler

Economical heating with electric boiler Ion boiler. Heating homes, offices, shops, warehouses and many others.


 electroden ion heating boiler

Heated 550m3 or 180 m2. Cost per hour is between 3 - 4 kW.

ionheater 15

       The volume of electrolyte in the system is 100 -200 liters.
       Maximum operating temperature is 90 degrees.
       voltage 220V
       Starting current A 8-10 x 3
       A maximum current 23 x 3
       Connecting to the heating system 32 mm
       Weight 5.7 kg
       Length 440 mm
       Water 100-200 l

       Consumption per hour 3 to 4 kW
       Konsulmatsiya energy during the heating season of 850 kW
       in well-insulated rooms up 280m3


   ion heater 15 kW